Our Introduction

At Vivek Computer Institute, we believe that an education should be best-in-class and provide the highest quality education to our students. We provide international curriculum with world-class faculty from top universities across India. Our goal is to provide every child with a high quality education so that they become capable of handling their future. Students at Vivek Computer Institute are empowered through training programs that help students develop skills and knowledge required in today’s competitive world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop human resources to discover and disseminate computer knowledge to extend computer knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of The Vivek Computer. We are focused on providing a right platform of quality education with affordable fee in computer and Information technology education, vocational training and higher education. As an Autonomous Institute, we are committed to offer more facilities than any other institute of this kind. Our faculty has high calibre professionals that are capable of imparting quality education & professional training to the students.

Our Vision

Vivek Computer Institute is a leading educational institute dedicated to imparting quality computer education, vocational training and elementary education with affordable fee through our hi-tech computer education centres and vocational training institutes. We want to fulfil the dreams of our youths, contribute to the development for our country and make them economically independent.